• Bioliq 45+ Firming and Smoothing Night Cream 淡紋緊緻晚霜


(Watsons Sheung Shui) 45+ Firming and Smoothing Night Cream 淡紋緊緻晚霜 50ml



Smoothes lines and wrinkles and has a visible lifting effect. Intensively regenerates, firms and makes skin supple. The cream intensively nourishes and boosts regeneration during the night. The Spilanthes acmella extract content guarantees visible firming effect and restores optimum suppleness of skin. The hyaluronic acid together with tetrapeptide complex activate gene expression, smoothing lines and wrinkles and improving face contour.

於晚表情紋與皺紋著提升肌膚線條肌底活化助您重拾年輕時緊緻性的健康肌印度千日菊萃取是能提供即提拉功效的天然成分 日施用肌更是飽滿添加透明四肽合物 鞏衛紋與效果

Active Ingredients 活性成分: 
Spilanthes acmella

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