• Bioliq 45+ Firming and Smoothing Day Cream 淡紋緊緻日霜


(Watsons Telford)45+ Firming and Smoothing Day Cream 淡紋緊緻日霜 50ml



Smoothes lines and wrinkles. Restores skin firmness and its desired density. Evens skin tone. The cream guarantees visible firming effect, smoothes lines and wrinkles and improves face contours. It has brightening effect, reduces appearance of melanin discolorations and evens skin tone. Thanks to water lily extract (Nymphaea alba), it neutralizes the damaging effect of free radicals and improves collagen and elastine metabolism, making skin smooth and restoring its optimum density. In addition, it boosts regeneration, hydrates and calms irritation.

助成熟肌膚撫平表情紋與皺紋重塑緊緻面形線條將顯得更分明膚質輕時飽滿彈此配方同能提亮肌阻止黑色素聚形成色斑色更中和自由基所造成的大大提升新的原蛋白與彈力蛋白之合成令肌重拾狀態時飽滿平滑與緊緻在活肌同深入滋 防敏感痕

Active Ingredients 活性成分: 
Nymphaea alba

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