• NanoTime - Handy 2s nano spray


NanoTime - Handy 2s nano spray

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  1. Samll and portable, can use it at anytime when you need
  2. Rechargeable with USB 
  3. Slide
  4. Water atomization, keep moisture, and  let our skin far away dry air at anytime
  5. Make-up use, put  skin-care lotion in the container,   fast convet to nano spray mist, let our skin better absorption.




-deeply ,moisturize your skin with fine particles of mist;

-enhance your skin impidity by using hydrogen water, and keep bright shinning smile all the time;

-experience the high energy, close intimate air-like contact with your skin;

-you can use our product at ease after makeup as it will never condense on your skin;

-extraordinarily light main body weight;

-dispense with batteries as our product is rechargeable;

-support charging using a usb cable and short charging time of less than one hour;

-make a wonderful gift for all occasions;

-compact in size, this stunning product can be easily put into a lady’s makeup bag;

-simple and intuitive indicators;

-except being ideal for dry skin in autumn and winter months this product also leaves a soothing and cooling feeling on your face in summer.


Tips : this product can be used for hair and other parts of the body

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