• Party Coconut Party Coconut 30g  咖啡磨砂霜 – 椰香味

Body Boom

Party Coconut Party Coconut 30g 咖啡磨砂霜 – 椰香味



I'm a party-boy...

I promise that you will never get bored with me, and your body will always look stunning (even in the shortest of shorts). With me, you’ll get perfectly ready for every party! I don’t only smoothen, but also penetrate into deep layers of the skin, so that I can leave it moisturized and even more elastic!

I’m a rich man that can take care of you! My carefully selected ingredients can do wonders: I’ll keep your skin young&free (of toxines, ofc :) ) and neutralize signs of fatigue (You can party with me all night long without worries! During the morning shower, I’ll do my best to make you look as fresh and pretty, as only you can be!). In addition, regular meetings with me will help you reduce cellulite and stretch marks. Ready to loose your mind for such a handsome guy? :)

Active Ingredients                                                                                                           Robusta Coffee, Brown Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Macadamia Oil, Argan Oil, Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Pink Himalayan Salt.


我是派對王者,跟我一起保證您一刻也不會覺得沈悶,而且您全身肌膚也會顯得迷人富光澤 (就算穿著超短熱褲亦然)。有了我,您隨時隨地也明艷照人,焦目派對場合。我不知柔滑肌膚,更滲透至肌底深處,帶來更持久的水潤與彈性。



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