• BIOLIQ SPECIALIST IMPERFECTIONS Anti-Acne Serum with Concealer 特效重點暗瘡膏(有色)


BIOLIQ SPECIALIST IMPERFECTIONS Anti-Acne Serum with Concealer 特效重點暗瘡膏(有色)



The pointwise serum contains a complex of oleanolic acid, NDGA, and osmotic gel, which balances sebum secretion, effectively reducing skin imperfections (pimples).

The serum contains salicylic (BHA) and glycolic (AHA) acids, which gently exfoliate the epidermis, unclogging the oil gland outlets and regulating the skin cell regeneration, and thus improving its quality and structure.
Toner formula provides a toning and matting effect. The serum also works as a toner — provides a natural toning and matting effect, clearly reducing the visibility of imperfections. The serum has a universal covering shade, suitable for both light and medium complexion.
Soothes irritations and redness. The serum contains aloe gel, which soothes skin irritations and redness caused by acne, has regenerating effects, and protects against post-acne marks.

Intended for skin prone to imperfections. Suitable for light and medium complexion. Not recommended for pregnant women.


Apply to imperfections, avoiding the eye and mouth area. Temporary burning sensation is a natural skin reaction to the acids. Simultaneous sunscreen use is recommended (at least SPF 15).

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