(Watsons Tsuen Wan)DERMO Strengthening & Protective Cream for Capillary Skin 醫美配方健膚日霜 30ml



The concentrated extract of fruits Vaccinium macrocarpon reduces the permeability of the narrowest blood vessels. Vitamins C, E, phenolic compounds and niacin present in the extract neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals; shea butter intensely nourishes and rebuilds the protective barrier of the skin; and the SPF15 protects your skin from the damaging effects of sunlight UVA/UVB. Thanks to its unique components, the cream is excellent care for capillary complexions.

高濃度的美洲蔓越橘精華能阻止微絲血管之紅血球細胞滲漏,即使最微小的滲漏也不再出現,肌膚泛紅與不均色素將大大改善。碩大的美洲蔓越橘帶來大量維他命C、E、酚類化合物以及菸酸,有效中和自由基造成的細胞氧化。SPF 15 防曬度阻隔UVA及UVB,持續鞏衛肌膚的抗氧化成果。乳木果油滋潤並重建天然脂質屏障,皮膚不易敏感泛紅。持續施用日霜,有助強化微絲血管壁,防止紅色素滲漏氧化,更由外在抵禦致敏源,內外夾擊,助您迅速重拾均勻健康膚色。

Active Ingredients 活性成分:


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