• Bioliq 55+ Lifting and Nourishing Night Cream 提拉養潤晚霜


55+ Lifting and Nourishing Night Cream 提拉養潤晚霜 50ml

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Guarantees lifting effect, protecting and regenerating collagen structures. Evens skin tone, brightening small spots and discolorations. Protects from photo-aging. The cream formula does not only fight lines and wrinkles, but also evens skin tone by brightening spots and discolorations caused by the flow of time, thanks to the content of the African star grass (Hypoxis rooperi) bulb extract. The formula is rich in biologically active peptides referred to as matrikines that have protective and regenerating effect on collagen in skin. They gradually diminish the extent and depth of wrinkles and improve suppleness and firmness of skin. The cream provides deep nourishment and moisture boosting its night regeneration.


Active Ingredients 活性成分: 
Hypoxis Rooper

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