• Biofficina Toscana Soft Curl Lotion 彈性造型修護露

Biofficina Toscana

Soft Curl Lotion 彈性造型修護露 100ml



This innovative natural serum is for curly and wavy hair. The combined anti-oxidant effect of Uviox®-Oleox® from organic Tuscan ingredients protects your hair from the oxidative stress caused by natural elements (like sun and salt water) and chemical stresses like smog and chlorine, and the heat of hair dryers and straightening irons. Its formula, featuring targeted organic Tuscan extracts, sage and rosemary water, natural butters and gels, does not sticky to your hair; it nourishes it and makes for soft, shiny curls.

不少人都著迷於暢泳後略鬈、微蓬的自然髮型,諷刺的是海水雖讓您短暫地更顯慵懶性感,長遠卻會損害髮絲健康。Biofficina Toscana以迷迭香及鼠尾草花水成功造出同樣的微鬈與無重空氣感,再輔以專利成分Uviox®和Oleox®防止髮絲氧化折斷。特別推薦平日沒有造型習慣的人施用,時尚關鍵就在此小改變--少許鬈曲、行走時髮絲的彈性動感和似有還無的天然花果香,您跟雜誌裡走出來的名模沒兩樣!適合任何髮質,尤其適合欲塑造微鬈、空氣感造型的人士。


Active Ingredients 活性成分:
Rosemary water, sage water, Uviox®, Oleox®, organic extracts of oat, horsetail, mallow, aloe gel, panthenol, lemon essential oil

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