• Biofficina Toscana Anti-Oxidation Visage Emulsion 全效抗氧化乳液

Biofficina Toscana

Anti-Oxidation Visage Emulsion 全效抗氧化乳液 50ml



Moisturizer with high concentration of antioxidant and moisturizing ingredients. The combination of precious plant extracts is bolstered by the antioxidant combo of Uviox®-Oleox® (from Tuscan ingredients), squalene and Phytaluronate® which leaves your skin supple and firm. It is especially effective for combating the effect of free radicals. Perfect for both older, dull skin and for sensitive skin thanks to its new, gentle preservation system.

誰都想像柯德莉夏萍般age gracefully,精明如您想必明白全天候抗氧化便是關鍵。一款蘊含高濃度抗氧化物的保濕乳液悠然而生,專利抗氧成分Uviox ®、Oleox ® (均源自意大利Tuscan地區)、Phytaluronate ®與角鯊烯倍大了各種珍貴植物精華抵禦自由基的能力,用後肌膚回復飽滿、緊緻與年輕。適合飽受外在氧化物威脅、肌膚衰老暗啞和敏感人士。

Active Ingredients 活性成分:
Squalene, shea butter, Uviox ®, Oleox ®, Phytaluronate ®, organic extracts of hawthorn, milk thistle, sweet clover, black currants, organic olive oil, Vitamin E
角鯊烯、乳木果、專利成分Uviox ®、Oleox ®、Phytaluronate ®、有機山楂、奶薊草、草木樨、黑加侖子、有機橄欖油與維他命E 

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