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Online Shopping at is easy:
於 網上購物非常簡單:

  1. Browse our products on You may login or create an account when you checkout.
    瀏覽 上的產品。你可選擇於結帳時登入或開設個人帳戶。
  2. To add items you wish to purchase in your cart, click “Add to Cart”.
    按 "Add to Cart" 將心儀產品放進購物車。
  3. To change the quantity of the item you wish to purchase, change the number in the box under "Quantity" or click "-" or "+".
    於 Quantity 下面的方格輸入數量或按 "-" 或 "+" 以加減購買產品的數量。
  4. To review the items in your cart, click “My Cart”, located at the top right of the page.
    按右上方的 “My Cart” 查看購物車內的產品及其數量。
  5. In the event that your item is unavailable or you wish to remove the item, click the “Remove” icon located next to the specific item. This will not affect the rest of the items in your cart.
    按 "Remove" 圖標以剔除沒貨存之產品或希望刪除之產品。這不會影響購物車內其他產品。
  6. Once you are ready to place the order, click "Checkout".
    確定產品及數量後可按 "Checkout" 結帳。
  7. If you have not login or created an account, you can do so at this point.
  8. Once you are on the "Checkout" page, if you have an applicable "Discount Code", enter it and click "Apply". The total price will be updated with the discount.
    如有任何有效的折扣碼,可於 "Checkout" 頁面輸入然後按 "Apply"。購物金額即會即時更新。
  9. Fill in all necessary shipping details (NO PO BOX), click "Continue to Shipping Method" to choose your preferred shipping method.
    輸入所有送貨資料 (恕不接受郵政信箱),然後按 "Continue to Shipping Method" 以選擇送貨方式。
  10. Choose your preferred shipping method and then click 'Continue to Payment Method' to choose your preferred payment method.
    選擇送貨方式後按 "Continue to Payment Method" 以選擇付款方式。
  11. Please review your orders again and total amount before completing the payment with your credit card details and billing address.
  12. You will receive a confirmation email shortly after you have placed your order. Your order is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email.

Most payments are processed immediately. Once the order has been confirmed you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, please contact us at and do not re-create your order to prevent duplication.
系統將即時處理大部分款項,而確認電郵將於成功結帳後發出。如於24小時內未收到確認電郵,請電郵至 聯絡我們。為防止訂單重複,請勿於此時再下一樣的訂單。

No cancellation and we are unable to amend any orders as we process orders immediately when payment is confirmed.

Please enter the correct Name, Delivery Address, Email Address, Contact Number and any other delivery details. We are not responsible for any compensation and lost due to wrong information provided by customer. 
請輸入正確的姓名、送貨地址、電郵地址、聯絡電話及任何其他送貨詳情。如因客人提供錯誤資料而導致寄失等情況, 恕不負責。

Due to different taxation policy of different countries, the price listed and final purchase price on does not include all relevant import taxes and duties. Overseas customers are responsible if you are charged any import taxes or duties and documentation.
由於不同國家有不同稅務政策, 上所列之產品價錢及最終購買金額均不包括任何相關的進口稅和關稅。海外客人需自行負責所需之任何進口稅、關稅及文件。

All purchase and items sold are for personal use, and are not allowed for any other commercial usage. We reserve all legal rights and are eligible to refuse any transaction that we suspect the items are for commercial purpose. 

Promotional / discount coupon / voucher code:
優惠 / 折扣碼

  • Promotional / coupon / voucher code are not valid after expiry date
    優惠 / 折扣碼於有效期後並不適用
  • Each order can only use ONE promotional / coupon / voucher code
    每個訂單只能使用一個優惠 / 折扣碼
  • The coupon /voucher may not be valid for Non-Discountable or brands excluded from sale
    優惠 / 折扣碼或不適用於指定公價產品或品牌。


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