OLOS, Beauty in Me

For more than twenty years, OLOS has satisfied the needs of all those seeking beauty and well being in a natural way. A leading professional cosmetics brand in Italy since 1989, the word OLOS means complete, entire, global. From the Greek language, OLOS is the root of the word holistic. But OLOS is also contemporary, trend setting and believes in a modern, up to date and above all healthy lifestyle.

OLOS builds the Future means that we respect the environment by using eco-friendly packaging and soy based inks. Our product formulas are inspired by the latest green and sustainable trends and are therefore free from; paraffin, petrolatum, ethyl alcohol, silicones and formaldehyde.

OLOS products are inspired by the four elements of nature; EARTH, WATER, FIRE AND AIR and our Laboratory selects the most effective, pure and genuine active ingredients from the earth and the ocean. Each range is a concept, inspired by a uniquely Italian creativity to create a multi-sensory ritual that invokes colors, textures and fragrances for a warm and gratifying embrace, to calm and relax your mind and help you regain balance lost due to a hectic lifestyle.

Among the OLOS ranges you will find all the products you need for healthy and beautiful skin for your face and body, as well as something for your mind and spirit.


將 Spa Treatment 回家

意大利美容業龍頭集團ALFAPARF GROUP 廿多年前以自然界的基礎生命元素研發出一系列出色的OLOS護膚品與美容療程,致力以大自然中最純淨養分呵護肌膚。地(EARTH)、水(WATER)和火(FIRE)各有所優;啡色包裝的地系列如Delizia di Riso滋養豐盈系列賦予肌膚源自大地之穀物養分。藍色包裝的水系列如Thalasso活水深層修護系列所蘊含的礦物水,是健康不可或缺的元素。OLOS更將這天然呵護伸延至身體護理;意式美肌盛宴系列的修護效果與香氣叫人垂涎,Frutti di Bosco更是少數適合懷孕及哺乳婦女的紓緩霜。全線產品皆不含對羥基苯甲酸酯、石蠟、石油副產品以及乙醇,不會致敏,絕對安全。也謝絕所有形式之動物測試,呵護肌膚也尊重自然生態。


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