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Bioliq is an innovative dermocosmetics brand of daily care products, concentrated on satisfying individual needs of women of all ages. The formula of Bioliq dermocosmetics is based on natural and active substances obtained via extraction methods that guarantee preserving the substances’ unique properties.

The basis of Bioliq line is Onopordum acanthium extract that is rich in skin enhancing sesquiterpene lactones. The extraction method applied guarantees that its strong regenerating properties are preserved. It is due to the substance ability to stimulate keratinocyte (epidermis cells) cell differentiation. Thanks to that, all Bioliq products naturally stimulate skin reconstruction, renewing and intensively regenerating skin.

Apart from Onopordum acanthium, each Bioliq cream contains additional natural herbal extract dedicated to individual needs of skin of all ages, intensifying and supplementing the effects of the formula.


安坐家中 享用高效醫美護理

Bioliq致力為您帶來創新高效的醫學美容產品,且扼要地分類成肌齡系列如「25+ 延緩衰老平衡系列」及「45+ 速效活肌淡紋系列」,助女性更輕易揀出能滿足肌膚需要的日常護理產品,效果絕不遜於皮膚科專科診所的專業護理。

雖以醫美科技為基礎,Bioliq的靈魂卻100%純天然--蘇格蘭刺薊 (Onopordum Acanthium),蘊含豐富的倍半萜內酯 (sesquiterpenic lactones)。這種獨特脂質對於維持肌膚健康尤為重要,Bioliq以先進的醫美萃取科技保留其強力的活膚能量,確保新生細胞之健康。每件Bioliq的產品都含有優質、高效的蘇格蘭刺薊萃取物,肌膚改善因此來得更迅速、更顯而易見,再配合其他精選植物成分,體貼您最個人化的肌膚訴求。

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