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Waters 花水分類

Chamomile water: decongestant, refreshing, purifying and regenerating properties. Excellent as a tonic for delicate and sensitive skin. 
洋甘菊花水: 能紓緩充血泛紅肌膚,淨化並更生,因此是幼弱敏感肌膚的上佳補濕劑。

Cornflower water: invigorating and refreshing properties. It can be used as a tonic for sensitive skin and to soothe swollen sensations in eyelids and areas around the eyes. Cornflower blossoms, in the form of distilled water, are used for their content of anthocyanins and flavonoids for inflammation of the eye. 
矢車菊花水: 提振疲倦肌膚,尤其能紓緩浮腫甚至發生輕微炎症的眼周。 

Extracts 植物精華分類

Achillea: firming, anti-reddening and anti-inflammatory.
西洋蓍: 有效緊緻成熟肌膚,抗紅消炎。
Hawthorn: anti-reddening, emollient, soothing, toning and refreshing. 
山楂: 潤滑、紓緩肌膚,有助抗紅並均勻膚色。
Calendula: anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, emollient, soothing and refreshing.
金盞花: 強效消炎抗菌,潤澤並提振肌膚。
Milk thistle: antioxidant (it contains silymarin, a flavonoid valued for its properties of slowing the formation of free radicals to block the causes of skin aging). 
奶薊草: 含豐富植物類黃酮,有效預防自由基侵害健康的膠原蛋白,從而延緩肌膚氧化。
Echinacea: anti-wrinkle, anti-stretch mark, elasticizing, regenerating.
松果: 抗皺、抗妊娠紋,增生健康肌膚細胞,增加彈性。
Ivy: anti-cellulite, healing, hair revitalizing.
Helichrysum: anti-inflammatory, skin cleansing, soothing, protective, regenerating.
Horsetail: elasticizing, toning.
Euphrasia: Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic for eyes.
小米: 幫助眼周肌膚對抗炎症,抵禦細菌。
Fennel: purifying.
茴香: 淨化中至油性肌膚。
Juniper: purifying, regenerating.
Horse chestnut: anti-inflammatory, astringent, strengthening.
Lavender: purifying, skin stimulating.
薰衣草: 淨化,同時促進健康肌膚細胞增生。
Malva: softening, anti-inflammatory, anti-reddening, emollient, soothing and refreshing.
錦葵: 軟化肌膚,抗炎抗細,留下清新觸感。
Clover: astringent, refreshing. 
四葉草: 收歛肌膚,灌注能量。
Nettle: fights dandruff and itchy scalp, stimulates scalp and hair growth. 
蕁麻: 紓緩痕癢頭皮,對抗頭皮屑,進一步促進頭髮生長。
Blackcurrant: astringent, cleansing. 
黑加侖子: 收歛毛孔,也有很好的潔淨功效。
Sage: astringent and anti-perspiration, purifying, stimulating, regulating the skin's physiological functions (recommended to treat roots and stimulate hair growth).
鼠尾草: 收歛、止汗,淨化同時更新肌膚,尤其能針對油性型脫髮。
Green tea: its polyphenol and caffeine content gives it draining, reinvigorating circulation, protective and antioxidant properties. 
綠茶: 含豐富多酚與咖啡因,疏通微循環,去水腫,也有很好的抗氧化功效,保護肌膚。
Thyme: purifying, cleansing, stimulating.
百里香: 潔淨並促進肌膚細胞再生。

Honey 蜂蜜類

Honey: emollient, moisturizing, sebum regulating, soothing, healing, decongestant; it is effective both for skin and hair. 
蜂蜜: 具有出眾的滋潤、補濕功效,繼而調節油脂分泌,紓緩並修復受損肌膚及頭髮。

Oils 植物油類

Olive oil: a precious oil with exceptional cosmetic properties. It is emollient, elasticizing, softening, nourishing, including Particularly for dry, flaking skin, for restoring sebum and soothing redness. Effective in restoring luster to dull, opaque hair. Also it is rich in vitamins A and E, Which have well-known antioxidant properties.
橄欖油: 對身體與肌膚同樣有益的油脂,潤澤並柔化肌膚,提升彈性,對乾燥、敏感肌膚尤為有效。重建脂質層的健康,即時紓緩泛紅,重塑肌膚乃至頭髮光澤。同時豐含豐富的維他命A與E,是抗氧化聖品。
Sea buckthorn oil: precious oil with a distinctive orange color - rich in vitamin E, provitamin A, carotenoids, tocopherols and unsaturated fatty acids including palmitoleic acid. It has emollient, elasticizing, soothing cosmetic and healing properties for skin damaged by time, stress and the atmosphere or irritated by natural elements. This makes it an excellent antioxidant as well as an effective decongestant and restructuring agent.
沙棘油: 呈漂亮橙色的珍貴油分,蘊含維他命E、維他命A可為肌膚提供有益的不飽和脂肪酸,改善形成已久的乾紋,同時抗氧化。
Sunflower oil: has emollient properties; it is non-comedogenic and rich in linoleic acid.
葵花籽油: 不阻塞毛孔,大量亞油酸又能提供長效滋潤。
Hot pepper oil: Its high capsaicin and carotenoid content gives it rejuvenating, firming, and stimulating properties and restores circulation.
辣椒油: 獨特的辣椒素與類胡蘿蔔素迅速更新肌膚,緊緻線條,同時促進各種循環。
Rice oil: excellent dermocompatibility, light oil, emollient, nourishing, antiseptic and astringent. High content of tocopherols, tocotrienols and gamma oryzanol; it has high oxidation stability and is an excellent antioxidant. It is an excellent skin elasticizer.
米糠油: 清新輕盈,易為肌膚完全吸收。滋潤、抗菌並收歛肌膚。
Sesame oil: excellent emollient, antioxidant and sebum restoring properties. It is Particularly recommended for oily skin, Which Absorbs it easily.
芝麻油: 極致滋潤、抵禦自由基,繼而調節皮脂線。滲透迅速,格外適合油性肌膚。
Grape seed oil: a lightweight, non-greasy oil, emollient, elasticizing, rich in antioxidants Because of its high linoleic acid and polyphenol content. Also it is protective, astringent and toning and stimulates capillary microcirculation. Rich in vitamin F, suitable for delicate and sensitive skin.
葡萄籽油: 輕盈、不油膩的油分含高濃度亞油酸與活性酚,因而發揮上佳的抗氧化功效,迅速改善肌膚彈性與水潤度。收細毛孔,並改善膚色,微循環亦得以大大改善。豐富維他命F更重點呵護細嫩敏感的肌膚。

Active Principles 其他有效成分

Alpha Bisabolol: an ingredient derived from chamomile with powerful hydrating and soothing properties.
α-紅沒藥醇: 從洋甘菊萃取出強效的滋潤與紓緩因子。
Caffeine: has cosmetic properties of draining, anti-swelling and skin circulation stimulation, Which make it a popular ingredient in anti-cellulite and reactivating formulas.咖啡因: 去水腫,同時改善皮下微循環,因此廣泛被用作活化肌膚、改善蜂窩脂肪組織。
Phytaluronate®: a naturally-derived alternative to hyaluronic acid and collagen. Made from Ceratonia Siliqua seeds. Its anti-dehydrating and protective properties have a beneficial effect on the skin's surface texture, helping maintain the skin's elasticity and firmness. This makes it an effective anti-aging and anti-wrinkle agent. 
長角豆膠: 百分百從植物萃取的補濕、鎖水成分,功效媲美透明質酸與骨膠原,瞬即平滑膚質,維持肌膚彈性與緊緻,減淡幼紋,延緩衰老。
Squalane: obtained from the unsaponifiable fraction of Olvia. It is present, to about 12%, in the secretion of the sebaceous glands and is therefore particularly dermoaffine. It has a moisturizing and a major protective effect against oxidative skin stress.
Triethyl Citrate: An ester of citrico.Mantiene low for a prolonged time the pH of the skin, thus preventing the proliferation of germs and bacteria that cause the odor.
檸檬酸三乙酯: 持續維持皮膚pH值在健康弱酸性,從而防止細菌和細菌與異味滋生。
Uviox®: is made from the fresh skins of red grape selected among the richest in biophenols from certified organic agriculture. It has a powerful antioxidant effect Because of its high water solubility and stability of its biophenols. The molecules in Uviox ® Also actively inhibit metalloproteinase MMP2 Which causes damage to collagen and other proteins, such as elastin. Ideal as an anti-wrinkle treatment and to protect skin from damage Caused by sun exposure.
葡萄皮多酚: 採摘來自有機農場之頂級紅葡萄,以含有最多生物酚的葡萄皮新鮮萃取而成。抗氧化功效極好,同時抑制破壞膠原蛋白合成的金屬蛋白酶MMP2,高度預防光老化,同時淡化皺紋。
Vitamin E: the ultimate antioxidant vitamin, protects the lipids of cell membranes, the main target of free radicals.
維他命E: 有效防禦自由基侵害肌膚,保護肌膚細胞膜與間脂質。
Oleox®: is made from the bioliquefaction of fresh olives Which have a powerful antioxidant activity. Oleox ® has a very high concentration of biophenols to counter damage Caused by free radicals, Strengthening natural defense systems, while protecting the skin against UVB rays by acting as a sunscreen.
水解橄欖精華: 新鮮橄欖經過生物液化處理,原好地保留了穩定而高效的抗氧化特質,高濃度的生物酚能保護肌膚免受自由基傷害,強化其天然屏障。適度抗曬,預防短波紫外線 (UVB)。

Certificates 認證

ICEA Certified: they adhere to ICEA standards for certifying eco-organic cosmetics. This means they contain no PEG, parabens, petrolatum, paraffin, SLS, SLES, silicones or artificial coloring. 
ICEA有機認證: 由權威機構Institute for Ethical & Environmental認證為不含石油副產品、Paraben、矽質、化學起泡劑SLS、SLES以及人造色素等,更不含任何基因改造成分。獲此認證的護膚品,主要利用產自有機甚至活機農場的植物萃取精研而成。
ICEA-LAV Verified: in compliance with Directive 2003/15/EC of the European Community and verified by ICEA-LAV, all finished products are not tested on animals. No animal-derived ingredients are used (except for the organic honey and propolis) . 
ICEA-LAV 無動物測試認證: 無論原材料、個別成分、試驗配方與最終製成品在整個生產過程中均嚴守「不作任何動物測試」的國際道德守則。
Nickel Free Tested: product safety and effectiveness are guaranteed by clinical and dermatological tests conducted by the University of Pavia. They also undergo nickel testing to protect consumers from allergies and intolerances.
鎳測試合格: 確認原材料乃至生產過程中不會殘留多於0.00001%鎳金屬,大大減低肌膚敏感的風險。

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