• Ten Science Hydra Magnetic Moisturizing Eye Contour Cream with Decongestant Effect
  • Ten Science Hydra Magnetic Moisturizing Eye Contour Cream with Decongestant Effect


HYDRA MAGNETIC Moisturizing Eye Contour Cream with “Decongestant Effect” 長效保濕祛浮腫眼霜 20ml



Hydrating cream specifically for eye contour area. Effective against puffy eyes thanks to the Caffeine Extract and applicator with special metallic microspheres. Lighter and brighter gaze thanks to the delicate colored pigments in the formulation. Apply to the eye contour area morning and evening with circular movements, using the correct massaging applicator; carefully dab away any remaining product residue with fingers.

Active Ingredients:

  • Clever Moist Complex: an ‘intuitive’ hydrating complex composed of three 100% vegetable waxes (jojoba, sunflower and mimosa) that hydrate and nourish the skin, allowing it to breathe, maintain the optimum hydration level and guarantee systematic and constant hydration.
  • Magnetic water: the unique molecular structure means it is easily absorbed by the epidermis and can therefore ‘fill up’ the skin’s water reserves.
  • Magnetic Complex: a complex of sugars that functions as an actual magnet capturing water externally and using it internally.
  • Caffeine extract: fights puffy eyes.
  • Panthenol: encourages improved skin hydration by penetrating to the deepest layers of the skin and securing the water there, guaranteeing long-lasting hydrated skin.
  • Vitamin C: with hydrating, brightening and youth-enhancing effect.
  • Vitamin E: functions as an anti-oxidant and fights free radicals.

專為眼周幼弱肌膚而設的保濕修護霜,Hydra Magnetic系列善用獨特的水分子結構,先抓住水分、再傳導至肌底,繼而促進水分在角質細胞間之循環流動,養分於是更易為細胞吸收,有效儲水,減淡乾紋。而當眼周微循環有所改善時,咖啡因萃取物配合特製金屬圓珠頭更有效去腫。眼霜呈天然珍珠色,即時修正疲倦眼周肌膚,重拾神采。早、晚潔面後,以眼霜之金屬圓珠頭直接輕按上、下眼簾與眼角等位置即可。


  • 智能保濕複合物以3款矜貴的純植物蠟(荷荷巴、太陽花與含羞草)為基底,直接補水又夠透氣,留下最舒適、持久的滋潤感。
  • 長效水分子易為角質細胞吸收,輕易達至儲水效果,讓肌膚更豐盈飽滿。
  • 長效保濕複合物由不同醣體組成,有效抓住並鎖緊水分,再內滲至細胞層。
  • 咖啡因萃取物能去除眼周浮腫。
  • 泛醇滲透至肌底層,預防深層水分流失與細胞老化,滋潤感覺更持久。
  • 維他命C為肌膚必須「糧食」,催生健康膠原蛋白,令肌膚更透亮年輕。
  • 維他命E完美抗氧化,抵禦自由基,鞏衛保濕成果。

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