• TEN Science Filler Divine Intant Replenishing Serum
  • TEN Science Filler Divine Intant Replenishing Serum


FILLER DIVINE Instant Replenishing Serum 30ml



The ground-breaking anti-age serum with an instant* replenishing effect, yet naturally divine. Targets the appearance of wrinkles, including those which are more pronounced.

Scientists proudly developed Divine Fast Filler Complex, which strengthens and re-organizes the network of collagen fibers. It also increases the tone and density of the skin. Another unique complex, SIN BOTOX, carries out “botox-like” action, reduces expression lines by relaxing facial muscles. Marine Collagen Microspheres fill the furrow of the wrinkle and micro-wrinkle from the inside. Dermatologically tested. 

To enjoy the “botox-like” effects without risk, you could use the serum twice a day, morning and evening on a cleansed face. Shake well before use. Massage onto the face, neck and décolletage with light circular movements until completely absorbed. Leave the skin divine and velvety with a radiant appearance. Non-greasy and non-sticky at all. To obtain best result, it can be used in conjunction with Instant* Replenishing Cream and/or Instant* Replenishing Concentrate for the Eye and Lip Contour.

*Self-evaluation of 20 women on trial. Fragrance free, coloring free and ophtalmologically tested.

TEN SCIENCE呈獻革命性抗衰老精華,帶給您即時填紋、提拉肌膚的效果*,完全源於大自然,效果也純美自然。

精華不只有效撫平形成已久的皺紋、乾紋,還提早截擊表情紋,避免其惡化成為難以對付的深痕。獨特成分Divine Fast Filler Complex即時填充複合物強化、重組肌膚真皮層膠原蛋白與彈力蛋白的結構,助肌膚回復豐盈彈性,提升細胞散射光線的能力,從而均勻膚色。獨特的SIN BOTOX複合物帶來猶如注射式肉毒桿菌般局部鬆弛肌肉組織的功效,有效減淡表情紋,海洋膠原蛋白微球體即時填平皺紋 凹坑。配方通過皮膚科專科醫生測試,溫和不易致敏。

想零風險享受類似肉毒桿菌所帶來的填紋、提拉效果*,您可早、晚將精華塗在面及肩頸。用前先徹底搖勻,打圈按摩有需要位置,直至完全吸收。肌膚完美光潤,不油不膩。與填紋抗皺提拉面霜及/ 或眼唇精華一併施用,以獲最佳效果。


Active Ingredients:
Divine Fast Filler Complex、SIN BOTOX、Marine Collagen Microspheres
即時填充複合物、SIN BOTOX複合物以及海洋膠原蛋白微球體

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