• TEN Science AgeStellar Intense Anti-Age Youth Cream
  • TEN Science AgeStellar Intense Anti-Age Youth Cream


AGESTELLAR Intense Anti-Age* Youth Cream 亮肌緊膚零紋面霜 50ml



This extraordinary youth-enhancing cream tackles wrinkles on 4 points: QUANTITY, WIDTH, DRYNESS AND DEPTH*, creates a cotton-feel and warm texture at the same time. Corrects signs of aging, re-builds the youthfulness of skin by strengthening its natural defences and providing right nourishment.

Active ingredients echo with each other: Rocket Leaf Extract preserves and strengthens the natural defences of the skin. Glacial Algae Extract carries out an important youth-enhancing action and stimulates cellular longevity. An Active Complex, made of marigold, aescin, butcher’s broom and centella asiatica, stimulates the microcirculation on the surface of the epidermis. OZONE-UV- IR Complex counteracts damage from the ozone and from UV and IR rays, and thus preventing photo-aging. Vitamin E provides anti-oxidant effects whereas Shea Butter nourishes and softens skin.

To secure a wrinkle-free and glowing result, use twice a day. Apply on the face, neck and décolletage after the ELIXIR OF YOUTH INTEGRATED SERUM and massage until fully absorbed. Recommended for normal or combination skin with wrinkles.

*Clinical and instrumental tests on the complete Age Stellar treatment + products





Active Ingredients:

Rocket Leaf Extract, Glacial Algae Extract, Active Complex, OZONE-UV- IR Complex, Vitamin E, Shea Butter 火箭葉萃取、冰川藻提取物、活性複合物、抗污抗曬複合物、維他命E及乳木果油

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