• Bioliq CLEAN Box Set 高效潔淨禮盒


CLEAN Box Set 高效潔淨禮盒 (125ml + 200ml)

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Facial Cleansing Gel (with Silicone Brush) 125ml
Deeply and thoroughly cleanses skin of all impurities. Provides intensive nourishment and care. Soft cleansing brush effective with hard to reach areas of face. Suitable for sensitive skin. Does not contain soap.


Active Ingredients 活性成分:
Attalea speciosa


Micellar Solution for All Skin Types 200ml
Gentle yet extremely thorough cleansing effect to your face, eyes and lips even with waterproof makeup. Guarantees optimum care and hydration also to sensitive skin.


Active Ingredients 活性成分:
Provitamin B5 (dexpanthenol) and hydrating substances
他命原 B5 (泛醇) 因子

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