• TeN NOCELL X-Treme Drain Gel 極緻去水腫啫喱
  • TeN NOCELL X-Treme Drain Gel 極緻去水腫啫喱


NOCELL X-TREME Drain Gel 極緻去水腫啫喱 300ml



Draining gel with an ultra-light texture, formulated to help fight the appearance of cellulite, to promote the drainage of excess liquids and to revitalize the tissues*. Helps to stimulate the drainage of interstitial liquids and to reactivate the surface microcirculation, to fight the onset of the appearance of cellulite. Does not contain iodine.

How to Use: Apply twice a day on the areas to be treated and massage with circular movements, gently pressing from the lower area upwards to encourage drainage. Every day, preferably morning and evening.

* Clinical-instrumental tests conducted on NOCELL X-Treme Drain Gel, when the product is applied twice daily for 45 days.



以臨床醫學儀器監察試用X-TREME 極緻去水腫啫喱45天、每天2次的驕人成果。

Active Ingredients 活性成分:
X-Treme NoCell Complex, Caffeine
X-Treme 胞分子及咖啡因

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