• TEN SCIENCE Dea-To-Be Shaping and Toning* Cream 300ml


BODYDEA Dea-To-Be Shaping and Toning Cream 300ml 速纖消脂修身霜



Body DEA is a ground-breaking shaping and pro-youth body line that helps you to retrace the road, step by step, to a perfect, slender and toned body with young-looking skin. You can re-discover the goddess within you, day after day.

A rich and soft cream, with shaping and toning* dual action. The high-quality active ingredients contained in the formulation work to fight fat deposits. The cream also helps to dissolve and unblock the fats accumulated in the adipocytes, improving the appearance of the skin**. Apply in the morning and evening and massage until completely absorbed. For a more intensive action, it is recommended for use in combination with Shaping Concentrate.

*Clinical and instrumental tests on the TEN SCIENCE Body DEA treatment & products.
** In vitro test on product. 

Active Ingredients:

  • Caffeine Extract and Taurine: with lipolytic and draining action.
  • Hyaluronic acid with low and high molecular weight: gives tonicity and firmness to the skin.
  • Guarana extract: helps stimulating and energizing.
  • Avocado oil, Vitamin A and Vitamin E: provide antioxidant action.
  • Biotechnological Marine Active Ingredient – Blue Ingredient: obtained from naturally-occurring marine sponge, without damaging the environment, remodels and shapes the body, also brings a metabolism stimulating action.


Body DEA速纖青春修身系列突破性地活化身體線條與肌膚,助您逐步重抬年青完美之巔峰狀況--全身緊緻纖瘦、身體組織極富彈性、膚質細嫩有光澤。持之以恆,每個女人皆可找到潛藏在體內的性感女神。


*接受Ten Science Body DEA專業療程並施用產品後之臨床測試與儀器檢測認證。


  • 咖啡因萃取與牛磺酸高效排水,誘導脂肪細胞分解。
  • 透明質酸分子密度不一,有助均勻膚色,幫助身體組織回復緊緻。
  • 巴西香可可被喻為天然的能量補充品,有助喚醒細胞,重整新陳代謝。
  • 牛油果油、維他命A與維他命E複合抗氧化。
  • 以先進生物科技提取之藍海活性成分本為珍貴海藻,在不損生態平衡的條件下被萃取成高效精華,重塑完美體態,同時促進新陳代謝。

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