• Biofficina Toscana Travel Sizes 高效旅行護理套裝
  • Biofficina Toscana Travel Sizes 高效旅行護理套裝

Biofficina Toscana

Travel Sizes 高效旅行護理套裝 50ml x 3



A set of travel-size cleansing products with our three most popular products to take with you wherever you go! The first eco-friendly travel kit, both in its eco-organic contents and for the travel-size containers designed to be easily refilled after use (with the same opening as a normal bottle) and for the practical, original rough cotton sachet made in Tuscany, which can likewise be reused for different purposes. Eco-organic travel sizes... Low impact wherever you go!

1 x Gentle Cleanser 50ml for the body, face and intimate hygiene;
1 x Gentle Shampoo 50ml for all hair types;
1 x Active Concentrate Conditioner 50ml for intensive treatment;
1 rough cotton sachet beautifully screen-printed and tied with a bow.

誰說人在旅途就得犧牲身體皮膚與頭髮護理?Biofficina Toscana精選了3款must-haves,讓您與摯愛得到周全呵護。綠色護理產品以意大利Tuscany當地製造的全棉化妝袋盛載,簡約的化妝袋可供循環再用,貫徹環保風格。

1 x 潔膚凝露 50ml – 徹底潔淨面部、身體乃至您的特別部位
1 x 溫和修護洗髮精華 50ml – 所有髮質適用
1 x活性護髮精華 50ml – 所有髮質適用
1 x 簡約全棉化妝袋

Active Ingredients 活性成分:
Organic Tuscan calendula, fennel, heather, mallow, nettle, sage, thyme , St. John's Wort and chamomile extracts, organic olive oil, vegetable proteins from white kidney beans (extract)

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