• Biofficina Toscana Rosemary Hydrolat 迷迭香花水

Biofficina Toscana

Rosemary Hydrolat 迷迭香花水 100ml



Face and body: astringent effect that regenerates and purifies greasy and impure skin. We recommend diluted use.

Hair and scalp: purifying action, recommended to reinforce hair and help fight dandruff. Recommended for dilution of all Biofficina Toscana shampoos, especially the purifying variety.


用法:直接噴灑面部與身體肌膚,適度稀釋後適用於飽受頭皮屑困擾的幼弱髮絲與頭皮,配合Biofficina Toscana控油洗護頭髮產品用,可獲最佳效果。

Active Ingredients 活性成分:
Pure organic rosemary hydrolat

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