• Bioliq 35+ Anti-Aging Box Set 抗氧淡紋禮盒


35+ Anti-Aging Box Set 抗氧淡紋禮盒 (50ml x 2 + 15ml)



Anti-Aging Cream for Mixed Skin 50ml
Smoothes expression lines. It provides nourishment and care and simultaneously leaves the oily areas of skin perfect matte. It provides visible matte effect to oily areas of skin and also nourishes, regenerates and improves tone of mixed skin. The african tree Enantia chlorantha extract used in the cream balances the production of sebum, visibly reduces pores and has antibacterial effects. Thanks to the terpenoids, the formula stimulates collagen synthesis, delaying the onset of first lines and wrinkles. Additionally, it reduces visibility of expression lines and guarantees your skin feels firm, smooth and supple.


Active Ingredients 活性成分: 
Enantia chlorantha


Intensive Restructuring Night Cream 50ml
Eliminates expression lines. Enhances skin reonstruction providing deep regenerating effect. The macadamia nut oil (Macadamia integrifolia) that is a primary ingredient of the cream intensively nourishes and hydrates skin. Thanks to the high palmitoleic acid content, it excellently absorbs into skin, enabling to fortify and regenerate skin during the night. In addition, the alkanolamides stimulate fibroblasts, considerably smoothe expression lines and improve skin condition, restoring its elasticity and suppleness. Morning skin looks smooth, relaxed and full of natural glow.


Active Ingredients 活性成分: 
Macadamia integrifolia


Anti-Aging Eye Cream 15ml
It reduces first lines around eyes. It diminishes dark circles and puffiness. The formula has intensive fortifying and regenerating effect to the sensitive skin around eyes. It intensively reduces first lines around eyes and effectively prevents from appearance of new ones. The eyebright extract (Euphrasia officinalis) calms skin and brings relief. It eliminates stress symptoms such as puffiness and dark circles.


Active Ingredients 活性成分: 
Euphrasia officinalis

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